The GPS tracking collar just for cats

Have you ever wondered where your cat is? Maybe you're at work, or perhaps you might be concerned for your little friend, because you're not there with them. Whatever the case may be we certainly hope you haven't already lost you cat. Tired of feeling guilty? Then it's time to connect with your cat, with GPCats.
safety first

GPCATS comes with an easy release safety collar. Of course it is not a requirement to use the collar we send you, but we do recommend that each owner considers the safety and well being of all your pets.

Light Weight

This GPS tracking collar is super sleek weighing less than 15 grams, making it the lightest GPS tracker just for cats. It’s sturdy and made to fit safely and comfortably around your cat.

Easy to use

Simply fasten the collar around your cat’s neck and enter its ID into your smartphone app. That’s all: You can now see your cat’s actual location! Relax and enjoy.

A fair deal

Not only will you get GPCats GPS cat tracker for a very reasonable price but there is also no subscriptions required. You can simply use the GPS tracking device free, the first year is already covered.

Why GPCats makes the difference

We certainly don't like feeling guilty or worried... and nobody want's to be a control freak either. What we need is peace of mind and comfort, especially when it concerns our loved ones! Our cats are members of our families and GPCats is helping to make their world a safer place, one family member at a time.
Every hour, more than 60 cats and dogs are lost in the UK alone.

With so many pets going missing every day, it's good to know that you now have the option to look after yours, even when you are away. As long as your cat is wearing GPCats, the collar scans for the position of your cat and transmits the information to the web. So if your cat goes missing, you can easily check its position.


    33% of all pets are lost during their lifetime in the U.S.


    Only 10 % of pets are recovered in the U.S.


    Less than 1% of cats can be tracked, and people were less than satisfied with the collars that are on the market right now.


    We are 100% commited to creating the device that will make the difference for you.


We are a small international team with years of experience in our respective professional fields.
Shawn Bryant
Shawn Bryant
Director, Marketing & Production
I make sure that the product gets finished and reaches a global market so everyone can get this product and never lose their cats.
Dr Michael Streicher
Dr Michael Streicher
Founder, Cat Vet
Dealing with cats every day, I know what a life saving collar needs to do to help keep your furry little cats safe.
Jan Klose
Jan Klose
Business and PR consultant
With my experience in production and marketing, I can offer valuable advice in the steps necessary for creating a professional product.

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